The action of termites on wooden components and fixtures within buildings and building environments are very prominent in every part of Nigeria.

While various anti-termite treatments are being specified, it’s worrisome to note that such specifications are no longer very effective as there are species of termites that are very resistant to our contemporary anti termite treatments, even as some resistant wood-boring pests still live comfortably inside the woods after treatment. Hence their devastation on woods continue even when the woods would have been used either as roof trusses, ceiling noggins, furniture or kitchen cabinets.

Our Locon Termite Annihilator is a one-stop treatment that:

• Kills all categories of termite and wood-boring insects.


  • Again, existing roof trusses should be investigated to ascertain their freedom from termite devastation, and treatment if otherwise, to avert eventual collapse of roofs and ceilings.
  • Drink milk while application is on going.
  • Evacuate persons for 36 hrs after application in a living apartment.
  • Use eye goggle, nose mask and hand gloves when applying.

Application Methodology: Open the soil 100mm by 100mm deep after compacting following the foundation block sides, saturate the furrows and cover back. Do same along the external edges of the building and along the fence walls. For roof trusses and noggins, mix 1 part with 10 parts of diesel and apply with brush.

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