Locon Quick Sealant

Some Of The Problems We Encounter In Our Buildings That Really Affect Our Health In A Negative Way.

White Molds On Shoes

Cement Falling Off From Walls

Paint Peel Off From Walls


This is the Time For Saving Your Buildings From The Adverse Effects Of Wetness or Dampness That Attacks Every Building In Nigeria And Tropical Regions.

  • Do you observe wetness, discoloration, peeling of paints and plaster on the ground floor walls and fence wall?
  • Do you observe messy greenish algae growth, fungi and molds on such walls?
  • Perhaps you have been seeing lower portions of walls fixed with tiles to cover such messy and unsightly appearances, even though such measures don’t last as the tiles later fall off due to the wetness that continues underneath.
  • Do you observe whitish yeast attacks on leather shoes, furniture and clothes inside wardrobes?
  • Perhaps you don’t know that such living apartment is prone to allergies and Respiratory health implications especially in children?
  • Do you notice breakage of ground floor tiles or ground water rising into ground floor apartments.
  • The use of our Locon Quick Sealant is the most effective solution for these problems, and even in preventing them during construction.

Ensure you use our Locon Quick Sealant to prevent these problems during construction, as their treatment entails costlier expenses in terms of time, material, money and labour.

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