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Locon Rust Inhibitor

Locon rust inhibitor

Let your attention be drawn to the fact that one of the major causes of collapse of buildings has been known as Carbonation of Concrete and Oxidation (Rusting) of Iron Rods.

*You may have been observing breaking off (spalling) of concrete from underneath ofc concrete decks, beams and columns.

*Have you been noticing that the iron rods in these areas have already rusted?

*Do you know that such rusting of iron rods inside concrete is cancerous in nature, as it extends beyond the exposed areas of the slabs, beams and columns?

*Do you know that the the structural strength of such buildings are adversely weakened, and that the problem causes about 40% of building failures?

*Are you aware that many storey buildings in our cities are already endangered by such problems?

*Do you know that patching back such affected areas without treating the affected rods is like bandaging an untreated wound?

Do you know that Rusting of iron rods inside concrete can only be prevented by treating iron rods with Rust Inhibitor before using it in building and construction works?

Our Locon Rust Inhibitor is the solution for prevention and treatment of such problems in our building and construction works.

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Locon Termite Annhihilator

locon annihilator

Termites Are Currently On Rampage In Our Buildings.

*Do you know that Termites have developed strains that are resistant to our known anti Termite chemicals?

*Do you know that there are various categories of Termites that one chemical treatment hardly kills all of them.

*Are you aware that most anti-termite treatments kill adult Termites without destroying their eggs in the Termite colonies?

*Do you know that new generations of Termites continue living in the same premises where the adult generations were earlier killed with anti Termite treatment, and hence continue attacking Buildings?

*Are you aware that some resistant Termites and wood boring pests live inside woods while such woods are still in timber sheds, and continue attacking woods after treatment and after such woods would have been used as furniture, fittings, trusses and Ceiling noggins?

*Do you know that many existing roof trusses and noggins are currently being devastated by these resistant Termites?

When last did you inspect your existing roof trusses and noggins to ensure they are free from Termite devastation?

Our Locon Termite Annihilator is a product that kills every category of Termite and renders the soil and wood inhabitable for future generations of Termites.

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Locon Quick Sealant LQS.

Quick Sealant

This is the time for saving your Buildings from the Adverse effects of wetness or Dampness that attack every Building in Nigeria And tropical regions.

*Do you observe wetness, discoloration, peeling of paints and plaster on the ground floor walls and fence walls?

*Do you observe messy greenish algae growth, fungi and molds on such walls?

Perhaps you have been seeing lower portions of walls fixed with tiles to cover such messy and unsightly appearances, even though such measures don’t last as the tiles later fall off due to the wetness that continues underneath.

*Do you observe whitish yeast attacks on leather shoes, furniture and clothes inside wardrobes?

*Perhaps you don’t know that such living apartment is prone to allergies and Respiratory health implications especially in children?

*Do you notice breakage of ground floor tiles or ground water rising into ground floor apartments.

The use of our Locon Quick Sealant is the most effective solution for these problems, and even in preventing them during construction.

Ensure you use our Locon Quick Sealant to prevent these problems during construction, as their treatment entails costlier expenses in terms of time, material, money and labour.

Locon Waterproof Slurry

waterproof slurry

Welcome viewers to our page on Locon Waterproofing Slurry System.

*This is for the attention of persons in the building and construction industry such as builders, civil engineers, architects, consultants, contractors and building owners.

* The building industry has over the decades experienced difficulties, disappointments, and frustrations in effective waterproofing of concrete roofs, exposed slabs and roof gutters.

*The major challenge lies in knowing and using appropriate waterproofing products and systems.

*Effective waterproofing in these areas have been problematic in the sense that the age-long treatments such as bituminous felt doesn’t last long in the tropics due to the devastating effects of the sun’s ultra violet radiation.

*The use of waterproofing additives in screeding such surfaces is very errorneous as the additives don’t prevent mortar or screed from natural expansion and contraction which leads to cracking of the surfaces; and waterproofing fails once cracks occur.

*Experience has also shown that most waterproofing products don’t last up to five years in effectiveness.

*We are aware that most existing flat roofs and roof gutters are being roofed over with roofing sheets because of leakages arising from failed waterproofing systems.

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